New Apps!

We’ve recently completed a couple of new apps for The Speech And Language Store and they are now live on the App Store. There are lots more exciting apps for The Speech and Language Store in the pipeline too, including a big update to Splingo’s Language Universe.

Actions with Splingo

Using highly entertaining and detailed animations, Actions with Splingo teaches verbs, or action words, which are important building blocks for sentences.

actions phone5


Categories with Splingo

An exciting and engaging app to target vocabulary development by sorting everyday items into categories, with a crazy catapult reward game!




eduGAME Supporting Whittle Wonders – UK F1 in Schools Champions

eduGAME are pleased to be supporting Whittle Wonders UK F1 in Schools Champions as they bid to become International ‘F1 in Schools’ champions in Abu Dhabi this November.

The ‘F1 in Schools’ competition

 ‘F1 in Schools’ is a truly international event with teams from over 40 countries taking part.

 The competition is holistic in nature and requires participating teams not only to use and apply CAD/CAM software and manufacturing methods to design, test, make and ultimately race miniature F1 cars on a 20 metre track – but also to demonstrate their understanding of the wider commercial, financial and marketing imperatives involved in running a business – specifically one in the motorsport (F1) sector.

 As far as Whittle Wonders’ miniature car is concerned – the focus for the team was on designing and manufacturing a light-weight, aerodynamically-sound and structurally-robust car powered by compressed gas that could reach speeds in excess of 70mph.

 The team is confident that the model they have created (and which will be unveiled at the event in Dubai) will beat off stiff competition expected from the German and Australian teams (in particular) to claim a top-of-the-podium result.

Whittle WondersFor more info about Whittle Wonders and to follow them in their bid to be World Champions visit their Facebook page here.


A couple of screenshots from upcoming apps

Actions With Splingo

Past Tenses with Splingo – Build an alien reward screen.

Prepositions With Splingo

We’re currently part way through producing a series of ten new apps for the Speech And Language store. These three apps will be released for iPhone and iPad soon.

If you have an idea for an educational app you’d like developing, then Contact Us.

Categories With Splingo

The first in a series of new apps eduGAME is developing for The Speech and Language Store is almost ready for launch.

Categories with Splingo is an essential therapy and teaching tool from the authors of the successful Splingo series of Speech and Language Therapy apps.

Developed by experienced Speech and Language Pathologists/Therapists, Categories with Splingo uses bright, colorful images and motivating gameplay to encourage children to learn categorization skills.

This app is fun, motivating and highly engaging for children of all ages. Multiple categories are available to select from and simple but effective gameplay allows children to focus on sorting of key vocabulary.

Audio reinforcement helps children to focus and correct and incorrect responses support learning. The written word can be displayed if required to support reading comprehension. There is also an exciting and motivating Splingo! reward game that can be selected to really hold children’s attention!

Out soon on the App Store for the iPhone/ iPad