It’s Learning Time!

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Cuckoo challenges you to practise setting the time on both analogue and a matching 12 hour digital clock.

Can you complete each level by setting cuckoo’s clock correctly 12 times?

Choose the level of play you wish to practise then simply drag the minute hand around the clock to match the time spoken. Press the yellow button in the middle of the screen to see if you’re correct, if you are cuckoo comes out to say hello! Then move onto the next challenge and set another clock for cuckoo!

It’s Learning Time is a fun and engaging game to support your child in reading and setting the time on analogue and digital clocks.

Level 1 – Set the spoken o’clock time
Level 2 – Set the spoken o’clock and half past time
Level 3 – Set the spoken time to the hour, half hour and quarter hour
Level 4 – Set the spoken time to 5 minute increments
Level 5 – Set the spoken time to the minute

It’s Learning Time features:

* Clearly spoken instructions in a British or American accent
* UK (11 o’clock, quarter past 11 etc) or International/ US (11:00, 11:15 etc) times option
* Matching 12 hour digital clock viewing option, to enable children to know for example that 37 minutes past 4 is the equivalent of 4:37.
* Hand Movement sound option
* Appropriate for Early Learning ages 4+

Feedback from It’s Learning Time being used in a school:

‘The children enjoyed using the app as part of their numeracy lesson, with the different levels of play enabling all abilities to participate. The children agreed that they preferred using the app to the class teaching clocks as they could progress at their own pace and had an instant response to the time they set- without having to wait for the class teacher! A big thumbs up from the children’

Learning time tips

If you find setting the time to the minute difficult on the analogue clock, select to view the digital time as well.

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Brought to you by the creators of Activity Farm.

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