Invasion Of The Moon Monkeys review

We’ve just had a great review of our Times Tables app ‘Invasion Of The Moon Monkeys’ from the great people at

They said of the app ‘The Apple devices have tons of great educational apps, but not many that really stem into mathematics. As of now this is the best math-oriented app we have found, and it is definitely worth picking up for for anyone who needs a boost in multiplication.

Have a read of the full review here

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Work in Progress – Pronouns with Splingo

In case you’re wondering why we’ve been so quiet of late, we’re currently working on a new app for The Speech and Language Store. It’s a new app in the Splingo series called ‘Pronouns With Splingo’ it should be out in the next couple of weeks. The app will be out on iPhone/ iPad and also for Android phones/ pads.

Here’s a couple of screenshots to whet your appetite :

Free version of Invasion Of the Moon Monkeys

We’ve recently released a free version of Invasion Of The Moon Monkeys, try the full game for free but with limited times tables. We’ve also got an update to the full version coming soon, to help improve practice mode.


● Practice multiplication facts/ times tables from 1×1 to 12 x 12 (3-12 times tables available with In App Purchase)
● Recognise and find factors and multiples of numbers
● Customise game play for individualised learning
● 14 games set within 5 play levels
● Intuitive joystick (or touch) controlled play
● Retro cool graphics
● Thrilling arcade style game play
● Dramatic Music and high production sound effects
● High score table for multiple players
● Created and developed with leading Maths Teachers

Upgrade to the full version with In App Purchase for only $1.99/ £1.49